Pests and vermin

Pest and vermin are a local nuisance and can harm human health.

Common pests, rodents and vermin include, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, flies, mosquitoes, bees and European wasps.

Signs to look for

Signs of rats and mice in the house include:

  • gnawing

  • droppings

  • holes in walls: 

Preventing pests, rodents and vermin
  • remove all rubbish

  • throw out all food scraps (including leftover pet food)

  • ensure all food is packaged in sealed containers

  • use plastic containers with lids to store grains, cereals and flour

  • maintain a high level of sanitation and hygiene

  • wash utensils, crockery, and cooking items after use

  • seal any gaps, cavities or crevices around doors and walls.

Make a complaint

Council officers can investigate complaints about vermin and pests and advise or direct landowners and occupiers to implement appropriate measures to address the concerns. Contact us on 1300 087 004.

Private land

Any infestation involving private land is the responsibility of the landowner or occupier to control by engaging the services of a licensed pest controller.

Public land

Council will only implement vermin treatments where an infestation or risk to public health is on public land under the control of Murray River Council.