Burning off and firewood permits

Do I need a permit to burn?

The Bush Fire Danger period extends from 1 October until 31 March each year.

During bush fire danger period, no person shall light, maintain or use any fire on any land for the purpose of clearing the land unless a permit has been obtained.

Permits cannot be obtained for burning timber.

Permits are not necessary for minor fires, burning garden refuse adjacent to residences or for cooking. However, a two (2) metre clear space must be provided around the fire. Garden refuse cannot be burnt before 8pm daylight saving time (7pm EST) and must be out by 7am the next morning.

Permits are required for all other burning operations. 

ALL PERMITS are available by contacting the NSW Rural Fire Service, Mid Murray Zone Fire Control Centre.

Firewood permits

Firewood permits allow you to purchase a permit to collect firewood from a range of state forests within NSW. You can apply online at the NSW Forestry Corporation.

Read more about the rules and guidelines for collecting firewood from State Forests. Contact your closest Forestry Corporation office to enquire about commercial firewood collection.

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