Doing business with Council

Council spends over $20 million annually on goods, works and services. 

We aim to:
•    Achieve value for money for ratepayers 
•    Conduct activities in a fair and ethical manner 
•    Support local business 

Council’s Procurement Policy sets out its broad purchasing principles and objectives and Council’s business ethics.

Purchase orders

When doing business with Council and you are successful with your quotation you will receive a purchase order number. This purchase order number is essential to ensure prompt payment from Council.

If you are requested to provide goods and services to Council you must have a purchase order. If you do not have a purchase order you should seek one from the responsible officer.

Once you have the purchase order number you can supply goods, works or services to Council.

Invoicing and payments 

Our standard payment terms are 30 days after the dated invoice month (nett).

Please quote the purchase order and associated contract number on the invoice to ensure prompt payment. Use the number as a reference in any payment enquiries.

Business Ethics Statement

The Murray River Council’s principles on business ethics establishes obligations and standards of behaviour by Service Providers, Suppliers, Councillors and Council Officers in the conduct of procuring services or goods for Council. Procurement activity will be conducted in accordance with the key principles of procurement below.