How to submit a tender

Tender submissions MUST be lodged by the closing time, date and method nominated in the conditions of tender section.

Late submissions will not be considered.

Awaiting review

Every submission will be reviewed by a tender evaluation panel in accordance with the criteria listed in the Request for Tender documents.

The panel will examine it for compliance with the conditions of tendering. Each tender submission is read in detail and examined. The strengths and weaknesses of each tender are recorded.

You will be advised in writing if your submission was successful or not once Council has considered the responses.

A conforming tender is one that meets the conditions outlined in the Request for Tender document and all requirements of these specifications. A tender may be ruled non-conforming if the submission is incomplete, does not meet the requirements of the specification or contract as required under the Request for Tender.

The panel will base procurement decisions on a principle of "value for money" rather than "lowest costs". 

There is no opportunity to negotiate the contract after the tender has been accepted. If you wish to offer substitute terms they must be submitted in full as part of your tender.

Lobbying councillors or staff is prohibited and may disqualify you from the process.