Preferred suppliers

Council maintains a register of Preferred Suppliers for the following supplier types only:

  • Works and trades
  • Plant hire

This register is updated annually and is a record of the supplier information regarding insurances, key information and safety documentation. No guarantee of work or quantity of work is given to suppliers on this list, however preference over suppliers not on the list is given.

New suppliers can be added by completing the Preferred supplier application - Trade Services form - see related "Forms" below

Suppliers remain on the register unless they cease to meet Council’s requirements.

Purchase orders

When doing business with Council and you are successful with your quotation you will receive a purchase order number. This purchase order number is essential to ensure prompt payment from Council.

If you are requested to provide goods and services to Council you must have a purchase order. If you do not have a purchase order you should seek one from the responsible officer.

Once you have the purchase order number you can supply goods, works or services to Council.

Invoicing and payments 

Our standard payment terms are 30 days after the dated invoice month (nett).

Please quote the purchase order and associated contract number on the invoice to ensure prompt payment. Use the number as a reference in any payment enquiries.