Road safety

The Centre for Road Safety funds local councils to deliver road safety community behavioural and educational projects to their residents and to raise the profile of road safety within their councils. The Local Government Road Safety Program is administered by NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) regional officers who, with support from corporate program managers, provide guidance and assistance to council Road Safety Officers (RSO) in the development and implementation of their project. All RSOs have access to the LGRSP database, which contains project reports for educational and behavioural projects carried out by council RSOs across NSW.

Role of a Local Council Road Safety Officer (RSO)

Murray River Council shares an RSO on a 50/50 basis with Edward River Council. The RSO works across engineering, community services, planning, communications and customer service business units, and provides links to community stakeholders, community groups, local health and police, all of whom contribute to road safety over the long term. Examples of RSO responsibilities include:

  • Conducting road safety behavioural programs through the development and implementation of a council road safety strategic plan
  • Working with community groups to address road and transport issues
  • Implementing bicycle plan networks and walking paths
  • Conducting special events and providing road safety advice on traffic management plans
  • Developing the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP)
  • Writing funding submissions for Blackspot programs, Bicycle Plans, PAMP, NRMA and Ministry of Transport
  • Working with engineers to determine safe rural bus stops and improve safety around schools, and
  • Prepare reports for, and attend, meetings of council Local Traffic Committee

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