Formal Access

If you are seeking information from Murray River Council, which is not published on our website, or is personal information of other members of the public, you can make a Formal Access Application to access that information.

If you wish to talk about your concerns or have any questions, please call Council on 03 5884 3302 and talk to the Right to Information Officer.

Making a Formal Access Application

An application must be made on the approved Formal Access Application form, or alternately can be submitted in writing but must:

  • clearly indicate it is an access application made under the GIPA Act;

  • state your postal address in Australia;

  • be accompanied by the $30 fee; and

  • provide sufficient detail to enable the Right to Information Officer to identify the requested information.

Fees and Charges

A formal Access Application is subject to an application fee of $30 which covers the making of the application, together with the first hour of processing time. Council may impose a further processing charge for dealing with an Access Application at the rate of $30 per hour for each hour of processing time for the application in excess of two (2) hours.

For a full list of fees and charges, please see topic titled Fees and Charges.

Processing Charge Discount

You may be entitled to a 50% reduction in the processing charge if you are suffering financial hardship. If the reduction in processing charge applies, the application fee will pay for the first two (2) hours of processing time, instead of one (1). Conditions apply.

You may also be entitled to a 50% reduction in the processing charge if the information you applied for is deemed to be of special benefit to the public generally. If the reduction in processing charge applies, the application fee will pay for the first two (2) hours of processing time. Conditions apply.

Waiver for Processing Charges for Personal Information Applications

If you make an Access Application for your personal information, Council cannot impose any processing charge for the first 20 hours of processing time.

How do I Submit my Access Application?

You can submit your Access Application, along with the applicable fee, in the following forms:

  • By post, addressed to: Right to Information Officer, Murray River Council,  PO Box 21, Mathoura NSW 2710

  • In person, at Murray River Council offices in the following locations:

    Mathoura                       21-25 Conargo Street Mathoura              

    Moulamein                     20 Tualka Terrace, Moulamein                 

    Moama                            6 Meninya Street, Moama                         

    Barham                           15 Murray Street, Barham                         

    during business hours 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).


Council's Right to Information Officer must decide on whether they can release the information or not and give you notice of the decision within 20 working days after receiving the application. The decision period can be extended by up to 10-15 working days if consultation with third party is required and/or records are required to be retrieved from the archive. If this is the case, you will by duly notified.

Review of Decision

If you are not satisfied with the decision about your application, you have a right to ask for a review. For instance, you may have been refused access to the whole or part of a document, or perhaps you are concerned that your personal or business information will be disclosed to someone else. You have the option for applying for an Internal Review.

The Internal Review Application form must be lodged with Council within 20 working days of receiving the decision, must be in writing, and accompanied by a $40 fee. Lodgement must be via post or in person, as for a Formal Access Application, above.

A person more senior to the original decision-maker will review your application and inform you of the review decision within 15 working days, including reasons as to why the original decision is affirmed, modified or overturned. If further consultation is required, the review period may be extended by up to 10 working days.

CONTACT:  Phil Higgins, Right to Information Officer  - Phone  03 5884 3302  or

External Review

You can also request an external review by sending a review application to the following:

Information and Privacy Commission:

GPO Box 7011, Sydney NSW 2001;

Phone:     1800 463 626;

Email: (link sends e-mail)


Administrative Decisions Tribunal:

 Level 15, 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2001;

Phone:     02 9223 4677;

Fax:          02 9233 3283:

Email: (link sends e-mail);

Web: (link is external)



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