Funding boost for MRC roads program

Murray River Council has welcomed $1,861,814 through the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

The funding falls under a $500million roads and infrastructure stimulus package recently announced by the Australian Government and is part of a $1.8billion Infrastructure Investment Program that includes bringing forward $1.3 billion of the 2020-21 Financial Assistance Grants.

Following the announcement of the funding, Council has now adopted a list of priority roads and infrastructure projects that were not able to be funded within Council’s 2020/21 budget.

Mayor Cr Chris Bilkey said Council welcomed the funding boost.

“The funding received through the program is an unexpected windfall for Council and will enable completion of priority road and infrastructure projects that would not otherwise have been funded this financial year.”

 “This funding will be used to fast-track projects that will improve safety and infrastructure, including on our roads, or to improve and extend bike paths for local residents.”

The project list is as follows:

  • Rangemore Road/Jimaringle Creek Bridge or Nacurrie Road North Flood Opening Bridge
  • Repair Noorong Street pavement
  • Construct footpath- Mathoura Street - Mathoura
  • Reseal and repair Kilkerrin Drive - Moama
  • Construct Lignum Road - Moama
  • Construct paved footpath Noorong Street - Barham
  • Construct Bike Path - Picnic Point Road - Mathoura
  • Repair Punt Road pavement
  • Construct paved footpath Riverside Park – Barham

Council has also been awarded a further $1.842million from the NSW Fixing Country Roads program.

The announcement comes after the Australian Government committed $191 million to build on the NSW Government’s $500 million Fixing Local Roads program, ensuring even more regional communities benefit faster. 

The injection will see $382 million of joint funding allocated to shovel-ready projects able to start in the next 12 months in regional NSW.

“This is another welcome boost to our works program and will deliver big improvements to a few of our local roads,” Cr Bilkey said.

Council submitted 18 roads and $7.8million of works to the program, with 4 road projects successfully funded. These include:

  • Seal 24 Lane, Moama from Tataila Rd to Hillside Road
  • Seal Cincotta Lane, Barham from Lawson Drive to the Moulamein Rd and add kerb & gutter
  • Seal Gilmour Road, Moama from 0.55 to 5.4km from the Barmah Road
  • Seal Moama St, Moama from Blair St to Kooyong Park