Funding for Perricoota Rd in Council’s sights

Murray River Council has set its sights on obtaining funding to seal the final 22km of unsealed road along Perricoota Rd between Moama and Barham. 

Raised as a Notice of Motion at its council meeting on Tuesday, Council heard several community deputations urging council to prioritise the road sealing.

Matters of safety, tourism trade and better linkages between Moama and Barham were raised.

Mayor Chris Bilkey said council agreed to put extra efforts into gaining funding for the delivery of the project.

“We absolutely understand the concerns from residents regarding the state of the unsealed section of the road and we want to assure the community that we will look to prioritise funding applications around this.”

Cr Bilkey said there are significant benefits which would flow from having a fully sealed direct link between Moama and Barham.

“The current state of the unsealed section of road no doubt discourages motorists from using the route at all.”

“But as the most direct route between our major towns and with a number of tourism business located along it, there would certainly be benefits in sealing the remaining section of road from both a business and community-connectedness perspective.”

Cr Bilkey said the challenge for council will be the ongoing maintenance costs longer term.

“At this stage it’s about gaining the capital upfront funds to get the works done, then as a council we need to consider the ongoing maintenance costs in our overall road network budget.”

“This will become clearer when we get full cost estimates and ratios.”