Join us for Operation Bindii

Murray River Council is asking local residents to take a proactive approach to assist with the eradication of the Caltrop weed from their own backyards this Easter.

While many garden beds throughout areas of Council are reaping the benefits of recent rainfall, other areas are dealing with a totally different type of foliage — weeds.

The Caltrop weed, also commonly known as bindii, goats head, three corner jack and cat head have a high drought tolerance and is a nuisance on footpaths and playing fields throughout NSW, getting stuck in the padded paws of our beloved pooches, puncturing bike tyres and sticking to our rubber sole shoes.

So this is why Council is calling on local residents to become the area’s very own Weed Warriors!

In an effort to keep ‘River Country’ clear of weeds, Murray River Council are asking residents to begin removing bindii at their properties as soon as possible. 

As an added incentive, Council is offering all residents the chance to win one of 10 x $250 gift vouchers to spend in their local community by simply sending us a before-and-after image of the weed removal.

Biosecurity Coordinator, Tim Moodie is encouraging residents to remove the weed from their properties before the problem becomes serious. 

“While the NSW Government is campaigning for residents to stay home this Easter, now is the perfect time to get out in the garden to assist with the removal of bindii.”

“It’s very easy to remove the pesky weed from your property, just follow the lead of the bindii back to a central point in order to chip the weed at the root, but don’t forget to use gloves to protect fingers from nasty spikes,” Mr Moodie said.

Council said current growth may only present a minor nuisance right now, however as temperatures drop and rainfall increases, plant growth is rapid and a deep root system can develop in only a few short weeks. 

Councils’ Biosecurity Team are joining the war on bindii with a focus on spraying and removal at public parks and spaces.

“Being a weed warrior never looked so good: you can get rid of the nasties in your yard, do your bit to keep our area tidy and have a chance to win so that you can spend back in your community,” Mr Moodie said.

For details on how to enter the competition head to:

For more information on weeds in general, contact the Biosecurity Team on 1300 087 004.