Let's open the borders

With Regional Victorian expected to get to the ‘Third Step’ of opening up this week, Murray River Council are now calling on the NSW Government to consider reopening the river between NSW and Victoria.

 Murray River Council mayor, Chris Bilkey said the opening of the River must be a top priority for local business recovery.

 “The damage that has been done to our border economies has been enormous. Our tourism dependent businesses in particular have been decimated and won’t ‘snap back’ in the way that was forecast and promised.”

 “Not to mention the additional pressures the closures are adding to our businesses who rely on the local community to be able to travel freely for day-to-day needs.”

 “With regional Victoria expected to get the green light to open-up a little further, the border needs to open so that we can attract regional visitors back to our area.”

 Cr Bilkey said the almost infection-free status of northern Victoria and southern NSW should also be reflected in less stringent border arrangements.

 “The bottom line is that without the river open it is very difficult to attract people to River Country, which will continue to affect every business across hospitality, accommodation and retail.”

 “The viability of many of our local businesses is at stake.”