MRC adopts Moulamein Floodplain Risk Management Study

Murray River Council have adopted the Moulamein Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan which seeks to reduce the impact of any future flooding events in the town.

With the Support of NSW DP&I, Council commissioned Hydro-Spatial Pty Ltd to develop the plan, which was informed by a range of flood modelling scenarios identified in the Moulamein Flood Study developed back in 2019.

Input from the community was also sought to consider historical flood information and to determine current flood response arrangements.

The study area in the plan primarily focuses on the Moulamein township, however the flood modelling data also includes nearby rural areas.

"The plan contains a list of works that could occur to reduce flood risks in the town, as well as other non-physical measures that can also be applied, such as emergency response plans,” Mayor Cr Chris Bilkey said.

The final plan contains flood modelling information that is capable of being used by a variety of stakeholders for land use planning, flood management planning, emergency response and flooding education.

It also contains several recommended flood mitigation measures, including development control updates, installation of flap gates on culverts through town levees, upgrades to the existing height of town levees and construction of a new levee around the town’s water treatments plant.

“We will now look to progress the plan to the implementation stage and seek grant funding opportunities for the recommended measures, starting with the highest priorities based on the best benefit-cost ratios,” Cr Bilkey said.

The Moulamein Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan will be available for viewing on council’s website.