MRC developing Business Continuity plans

Murray River Council has commenced the process of developing a Business Continuity framework; adopting a draft Businesses Continuity Policy at its ordinary meeting this week.

The draft Policy sets the foundation for the development of a series of plans and processes that will encourage business continuity during and following any critical incident that may affect Council operations.

“Adopting the Business Continuity Policy will be the first step in better protecting Council in an emergency or disaster situation,” Mayor Cr Chris Bilkey said.

 “It will take up to 12 months to bed down and then will require scenario testing on a regular basis, but we want to have a system in place that ensures that, in the event of a major incident, services which are most important to our community can be maintained.”

Cr Bilkey said the policy and associated documents will be a blueprint to kick-start the response to any future business interruption process.

“The overall plans will identify facilities, technical infrastructure, key responsibilities, and processes that will be required to ensure council can respond and recover from a business interruption event,” he said

Once the Business Continuity Policy has been adopted, a nominated Continuity Management Team will meet on a regular basis to develop the full framework.

Council’s Business Continuity Policy will be on public display for a period of 28 days.