MRC on the hunt for Boneseed weed

Murray River Council’s Biosecurity Team have recently identified a reinfestation of the Boneseed weed in the Barham area.

Boneseed has the ability to aggressively invade native bushland in Australia.

Councils’ Biosecurity Coordinator, Tim Moodie is encouraging locals to contact Council if they suspect that they spot the weed.

“Without effective control, Boneseed has the potential to become more abundant across its current distribution and spread into new areas.”

“Its vigorous growth and ability to regenerate and spread quickly in disturbed situations, such as fire or clearing, allows it to outcompete native species.”

“If people find it or suspect it, please contact our Biosecurity Team so we can attend the site, inspect, identify and map it too,” Mr Moodie said.

Boneseed is a perennial shrub that grows about 3meteres tall.

It can be distinguished by its yellow flowers with oval shaped leaves with irregularly serrated edged.

Council’s Biosecurity Team can be contacted on 1300 087 004.