Reduced speed limit on the cards for Perricoota Rd

Safety will be improved along Perricoota Rd in Moama with Murray River Council endorsing a proposal to reduce the speed limit from 80 kilometres per hour to 60 kilometres per hour from the 50 km zone at the Moama Recreation Reserve through to 24 Lane.

The recommendation was put to Council by the Local Traffic Committee, prompted by the recent approval for development of 368 lots along Beer Road and 24 Lane.

In endorsing the recommendation, Murray River Council Mayor Chris Bilkey said it’s a move to ensure the safety of roads users and pedestrians.

“Traffic and pedestrian safety needs to be addressed along Perricoota Road based on the current and future traffic counts, number of separate entrances onto the road and the relatively high accident rate.”

“A reduction of the speed limit to 60km per hour will help create a safer environment for bus stops, pedestrians, cyclists and even passive users as vehicle traffic continues to increase in the developing areas of Perricoota Road.”

Traffic Counts along Perricoota Road have increased from 5200 vehicles per day in 2012 to 7000 vehicles per day in 2019.

There are also now 13 entrances onto Perricoota Road from other roads, residences and resorts.