On Public Exhibition

Our draft plans, policies,development applications and projects are placed on public exhibition for 28 days allowing time for community feedback before they are put to Council for final adoption.

You can view the drafts on exhibition below or in print at the advertised offices.


Your feedback should be submitted in writing before the closing date using one of the following methods:

mail addressed to - General Manager [Name of Document on Exhibition]
email atten: General Manager [Name of Document on Exhibition] in the subject field

Your submission is subject to the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPPA) and may be attached to the final document, in its entirety or in part, put to Council for adoption unless explicitly requested by the person making the submission that they do not wish this to occur.

Should you have any questions regarding drafts on public exhibition please contact us and speak with our Customer Service Team

PUBLIC EXHIBITION OF CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION (CCTV) POLICY AND CODE OF PRACTICE Public comment is invited from the community in respect to the Murray River Council Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)…

Development Application Number 10.2019.68.1 Proposed Activity Water storage facility (55 megalitre dam) Property 273 Troy Road WAKOOL Applicant Shane McNaul Consent Authority Murray River Council DA 10.2019.68.1 Application DA 10.2019.68.1…

Development Application Number 10.2019.78.1 Proposed Activity 5 Lot subdivision and public open space Property Lot 35 DP 1229541, Lot 9 DP 1213161, Brolga Avenue MOAMA Applicant North East Survey Design…

Development Application Number 10.2018.286.1 Proposed Activity Animal boarding establishment Property Lot 5 DP 751152, 602 Old Deniliquin Road MOAMA Applicant Habitat Planning Consent Authority Murray River Council DA 10.2018.286.1 Application…