Building certificate

What is a Building Certificate?

A Building Certificate (Section 149B Certificate) indicates whether a building has been constructed in accordance with the required approvals. It also indicates whether any part of a building requires demolition.

What is the fee for applying for a Building Certificate?

There are differing fees for Building Certificates which are calculated according to the classification of the building under the Building Code of Australia and the floor area of the building.

How do I apply for a Building Certificate?

Complete the Building Certificate application form and mail us or lodge in person at our Barham, Mathoura or Moama office.

What is required when submitting an application?

As a minimum you will need to submit the following:

  • completed application for a Building Certificate form
  • relevant fees
  • certified copy of a survey certificate of the building
  • written details and certification from a professional engineer and/or an accredited certifier – building

Council will inspect the building and review relevant records. We may also require other details such as plans or specifications, fire safety details, structural certification, details of compliance with the Building Code of Australia and occupation certificates in relation to any building works.