On-site sewage management

On-site sewage management system (OSSM) refers to wastewater systems situated within a property's boundary that treat the wastewater generated from the property and includes the land application area. These systems are required in areas that are not serviced by Council's sewerage infrastructure. OSSM may include septic tanks, aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) and bio-filter systems

An effective on-site treatment and land application should ensure the
•    protection of public health and safety 
•    improved catchment management 
•    protection of surface and ground waters, the land and vegetation

Council's role

We maintain a register of On-site Sewage Management Systems within our local government area and perform regulatory functions including monitoring, installing and licensing of septic systems.

Application to install

Approval from Council is required for the installation, construction or alteration of a human waste water treatment device or storage facility and the drains connected to it. If you are installing a new system or altering an existing system please complete the Application for s68 Local Activity form to obtain an approval from Council prior to commencing works.