Driveways - Crossovers

If you are constructing a driveway or crossover you must obtain approval from Council before commencing any works. Approval can be obtained by completing the "Construct a Driveway" form and submitting to Council along with the site plan showing driveway and measurements including distance to boundaries.

Application fees will apply, see related Forms and Fees & Charges below.

Within the application form are Council's 'Driveway Standards and Conditions' and 'Driveway Specifications'. Please note the incorporation of 'wings' has been stipulated by Council between a residential driveway and an existing kerb & gutter. All residential driveways are expected to include this as per 'Standard Drawing Number 27 Approved Standards'.

Once the application form and fees have been received we will:

  • inspect the site against the driveway plan to ensure there are no impediments before any works commence
  • issue an approval letter and consent conditions
  • after the pre-pour works are complete speak with the Admin Officer - Engineering to arrange a pre-pour inspection.

If you require any further information please contact us and speak with the Admin Officer - Engineering who will direct your call.

You can read Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993 NSW here.

Application for Permission to Construct a Driveway.pdf