General application forms

All applications to Murray River Council should be made on the applicable Request Form (as detailed below) and are to be accompanied by the prescribed fee (as detailed on form):

Request for certificates form 2017/2018 - this form should be used for the following certificates:

  • Section 149(2) Certificate*
  • Section 149(2) & (5) Certificate*
  • Council Sewer Location Plan
  • Section 121ZP Certificate
  • Section 735A Certificate

Request for certificate form

Request for information form 2017/2018 - this form should be used for the following information requests:

  • request for property information
  • council services location plan (sewer, water and stormwater details)
  • private sanitary drainage plan (if available)

Request for information form

*Section 149 certificates - Section 149 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (link is external) provides that a person may, on payment of the prescribed fee, apply to Council for a certificate under this section (a planning certificate) with respect to any land within the area of the council.

Section 149(2) certificates and section 149(2)&(5) certificates are often applied for by the owner/vendor or their representative when selling a property and the certificates provide information relating to the property such as:

  • legal description and street address of the property;
  • owner's name
  • zoning
  • flood and bushfire information
  • heritage and conservation information
  • property vegetation plan information.

Contact Details: Enviromental Services Department  I  1300 087 004  I