Water & Wastewater

Murray River Council owns and operates its own sewerage system.

A sewerage system is a system of pipes used to collect and carry waste water (sewage) and trade waste away for treatment and disposal.

This complex system is often taken for granted by residents, but without it, modern public health standards would be impossible to maintain.

All sewage is transported to one of Council's three sewer treatment facilities:

  • Moama Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Mathoura Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Picnic Point Sewer Treatement Plant
  • Barham Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Moulamein Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Murray Downs Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Tooleybuc Sewer Treatment Plant

where solids are removed and the remaining wastewater is further treated to remove impurities. The treated effluent is reused for irrigation. Each of the treatment works are oxidation styled treatment facilities.

EPA Water Monitoring

Murray Shire Pollution Incident Response Management Plan S & STP (Revised July 2015) - Current

Liquid Trade Waste Application Form