Trees - urban

Urban trees provide countless environmental, economic and social benefits. They contribute to a liveable environment, support community health and well-being and enhance the character of our urban areas and townships. Murray River Council manages and maintains over a thousand urban trees across Council in streets and public open spaces and plants up to 150 new trees per year.

Urban tree maintenance

Our Parks and Open Spaces teams and contractors manage and prioritise tree works and maintenance requests and clean up after storm events. To ask about tree inspections or request tree maintenance, planting, pruning or stump removal contact us.

Trees like all living things, grow, age and eventually die. The Parks and Open Spaces teams manage and monitor public trees through their life cycle and remove and replace them when appropriate. Whilst tree removal is the last resort management option, public safety always takes priority.

Urban tree removal will not be considered in the following instances:

  • If the tree is healthy and structurally sound
  • If there is a safe and practical means for tree retention
  • For solar access
  • For unjustified property or infrastructure damage claims.
  • To reduce leaf, fruit and debris litter.
  • If the tree provides an important Biodiversity function such as high conversation road reserves
  • For personal aesthetic preference

Urban tree removal may be considered under the following circumstances:

  • All hazardous trees will be removed as soon as practicable.
  • Trees that are unviable, and have a high probability of failure and are structurally unsound.
  • Trees that are dead, dying or are in severe decline.
  • A tree that has a defect that cannot be rectified without removal.
  • Trees proven to be causing damage to infrastructure.
  • As part of a streetscape upgrade or capital works program.

Urban tree replacement

Parks and Open Spaces staff replace trees removed from nature strips and parks to enhance the character of our urban areas and townships. Each year in early to mid autumn staff plant up to 150 trees across all areas. Residents are able to request a street tree at any time, however planting is only done during the autumn period to minimise transplanting shock on young trees.

Tree selection is made by Council staff, however, residents can advise their preferences which will be taken into consideration during the inspection period. Each property in the residential areas can request a maximum of two trees although consideration maybe given to corner blocks for additional trees.  Tree species selection is based on existing trees in the streetscapes, overhead power lines and underground infrastructure, a list of preferred tree species has been developed to assist selections. Once planted Council encourages the resident to water the tree although parks and gardens staff will monitor and maintain the tree in its first year. Residents cannot plant trees on public land without prior consent from Council.

Power line clearance

Power line clearance is the responsibility of the local energy company and all enquiries should be directed to them.