Community Protection Plan maps for the Cummeragunja, Mathoura and Moama Communities


Community Protection Plan maps for the Cummeragunja, Mathoura and Moama communities are currently being developed.

A community protection plan are map based plans- the Bush Fire Survival map- depicts the threat to the community and highlights information necessary for people to survive, the Bush Fire Preparation map identifies agreed and proposed mitigation works to protect the community.

Community Protection Plans are a tool which can help communities better understand the bush fire risk in your community, and how to prepare for it.

Community Protection Plans cover things such as:

·         the level of bush fire threat to a community, such as a town or village

·         options available to the community prior to and during the impact of bush fire

·         access to the area, as well as ways people can leave in the event of a bush fire

·         the current and proposed works, such as community engagement and hazard reduction, to help deal with the bush fire risk

·         identifying important or 'at-risk' facilities such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and child care centres.

The people in a community play an important role in developing a Community Protection Plan. Community Engagement through meetings, online exhibition and workshops help explain the process.

These maps are been developed with public input, community members and land managers with an interest in the communities are encouraged to look at these maps, and make comment.

These maps for the communities are available via the links below.

The Mid Murray Bush Fire Management Committee encourages land owners and land managers, and residents to provide input on these proposed maps as part of the development of the community protection plan.

Community members can make comments on the draft plan by contacting Mid Murray Zone on 03 5881 5351, or Kelwyn White on 02 4472 0600, or by email to<>

The opportunity to comment on these draft maps is open until Friday 22 June 2018.


Cummeragunja Preperation

Cummeragunja Survival

Moama Preparation

Moama Survival

Mathoura Preparation

Mathoura Survival