2024/2025 budget adopted

Published on 27 June 2024


Murray River Council has adopted its 2024/25 Operational Plan and Budget, which includes a $32.8 million capital works program.

This follows a 28-day exhibition period of Council’s budget documents, including the Schedule of Fees for the coming year.

Murray River Council Mayor, Frank Crawley said it is a carefully considered budget as council continues with service level reviews to pursue internal savings.

“Revenue streams are becoming tighter, so in developing this budget we’ve had to work on balancing community aspirations and needs with the financial resources available.”

“We continue to monitor asset performance, service delivery and resourcing to ensure we are operating as economically as possible.”

Cr Crawley said the Operational Plan also meets the Council’s goals of running an operational deficit of no more than $10 million for the upcoming financial year.

“The budgeted operating deficit is $9.6 million, which is in line with our long-term target of eliminating the current budget deficit over a period of time.”

“But whilst this puts us on the right path for this year, we must continue our review into our operating activities as we will require significant changes to the service levels in order to achieve continued cost reductions and financial sustainability over the longer-term.”

The budget is based on a total rate revenue increase of 4.70% in general rates, which is in line with the rate cap set by the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) of NSW.

Some of the larger areas of committed capital spend include:

  • Kyalite Road Widening $2.25 million
  • Flood Damage Reconstruction Works $2.5 million
  • Local Road Renewals $2.7 million
  • Regional Road Reseals $1.1 million
  • Moama Water Treatment Plant Upgrade $2.45 million.
  • Tooranie Rd / Yarrein Cr Bridge $1.7 million
  • Other asset replacements $2.6 million

Council’s water, sewer and waste fees have also been set under the adopted budget.

As per the National Competition Policy - which applies to local government - water, sewer and waste charges need to be set to ensure that the full costs of providing such services are covered by the respective charges.

To date, council’s charges have not been covering the cost of delivering water supply services and have been subsidised by general funds. 

“We have essentially been running at a loss for the delivery of our water services,” Cr Crawley said.

“The charges for this current year and those set for 2024/25 reflect Council’s efforts in working towards complying with the requirements of the National Competition Policy.”

“The sooner we can cease cross subsidising our utility funds with the general fund, the better off we will be in the longer-term,” he said.

Residents can view the adopted budget and the 2024/25 schedule of fees and charges on council’s website: www.murrayriver.nsw.gov.au






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