Do I need council approval?


All development-related applications and consent certificates must be submitted with Murray River Council through the NSW Planning Portal.

But first, to get a better understanding what you need approval for, it is helpful to understand the ‘types’ of development that underpin the approval process.

There are several types of development, including;

Exempt Development (no approval needed)

Exempt development is minor work that has little environmental impact. It can be done without approval.

Most exempt development in NSW is controlled by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (known as the Codes SEPP).

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment lists development types that can be carried out without approval:

View exempt development types

If your development doesn't qualify as an exempt development, you may be able to apply for either a complying development certificate or for development consent. Details below. 

Complying Development (low impact and meets specific standards. A fast-track approval)

Complying Development is considered to have a minor environmental impact on neighbourhood amenity which can be addressed by predetermined development standards. 

The NSW Department of Planning lists development types in this category:

View complying development types

Before commencing any building works you will need to apply for a complying development certificate via the NSW Planning Portal.

Local Development (needs Development Consent from Council)

Local development refers to development that requires a DA to be submitted to Council for consideration and determination.

Most developments are categorised as local development.

You can head to our DA section page here.

Integrated, Designated and State Significant Development

Integrated development is development that not only requires Council approval, but also requires the approval of another government agency under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

If a DA is lodged as integrated development, we coordinate the process of seeking approvals from other government agencies.

Approval from the relevant government agencies must be obtained before we can grant development consent. If the relevant government agency recommends refusal, we cannot approve the DA.