Development and Building checklists


The planning system in New South Wales can at times seem overwhelming and complex, so Council staff have developed some checklists to help you get all the right documentation in order before you lodge an application online.

You can download the checklist by name below.

We’ve also given a brief overview of the application steps involved relating to certificate/application types (such as DA’s or construction certificates) on our certificates and applications page here.


If you have any questions you can contact council staff on 1300 087 004 or via Our staff are here to help!

Estimated cost of works

You'll also find an estimated cost of works document below. This details what matters should be taken into consideration when calculating Development Application (DA) fees.


If you have worked through the checklist for your specific application and have all of the information required for your development, you can lodge your application online at the NSW Planning Portal. A copy of your completed checklist must be uploaded to the portal with all your other documentation. 

Applicants must create, or have, an account to lodge an application.


Waste Management Plan for DA's

A Waste Management Plan is required in order for Council to appropriately assess the Development Application.

Complete the Waste Management Plan form


Estimated cost of works

This fact sheet provides an overview of what is taken into consideration when calculating Development Application (DA) fees.

It will give you a better understanding of the types of fees you should expect to pay during your development. 

Fact-Sheet-Estimating-Cost-of-Works-for-Development.pdf(PDF, 184KB)

Statement of Environmental Effects

A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) may be used for development proposals which require a development application, and which is development not classed as 'designated development' or 'State significant development'. 

Complete SEE form