Plumbing and drainage


Council approval is required if you are planning to connect or disconnect from any of Council’s sewer, stormwater or water systems or if you intend to carry out work, which may affect its systems. This includes any major or minor works, such as plumbing and drainage works involved with minor alterations, renovations, additions or the relocation of an existing drainage line.

This work must be undertaken by a licensed plumber and be inspected by a Council Officer.

Council approval is also required for plumbing work carried out on properties connected to on-site waste management systems (Septic Systems).

Once approval is received, you will be required to submit a notice of works and undertake any relevant inspections as specified by council. 

How to obtain approval

To obtain approval to undertake work, you will need to submit a section 68 application via the NSW planning portal.

You can find out more here.

Notification of works

Plumbers and drainers must submit a Notice of Work (NoW) before starting most plumbing and drainage work. Circumstances where it does not apply include: emergency work and 'minor works' like replacing tap ware and existing hot water systems, and bathroom renovations where the location of fixtures has not changed.

A NoW is an approved form that outlines the work and who is responsible.

Following this notice of works, council will provide information around any inspections that are required. 

You can access the notice of works from here.