New signage policy for businesses and residents

Published on 27 July 2022


Murray River Council has adopted a new draft Signage and Advertising Structure Policy to provide more effective guidance for advertisement signage across the council area.

This is the first time council has introduced a signage structure policy, with the document now on display for public feedback for a period of 28 days.

Mayor Chris Bilkey the draft policy provides a point of direction on the allowable construction standards, dimensions and locations of any signage.

“From time-to-time we have issues raised with us around signage and structures that are either posing a risk to pedestrian access along streets or pose line-of-sight risks in relation to vehicle access and traffic movements.” 

“This policy will now provide our compliance team with reference material to measure the performance and appropriateness of these items against any standards.”

“It’s also a handy guide for signage owners; covering off what is permittable and the ongoing requirements of maintaining the signage structure in a safe and tidy condition.”

Cr Bilkey said the draft policy will now be tested with the community and business sector via the 28-day public exhibition process.

“We believe this policy is clear and concise and not overly onerous for both our community to abide by, and our compliance officers to assess compliance matters against.”

“But we encourage our residents and particularly business owners to take a look at the draft policy and let us know your thoughts.”

The draft policy is now on display via the public notice section on council’s website. 

The final Policy will be presented to Council for adoption at the next available Council meeting following the conclusion of the public consultation process. 


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