Raw water connection credit for Koraleigh water customers

Published on 02 April 2024


Murray River Council will provide Koraleigh urban water customers with a $500 credit on their water accounts.

This follows the recent installation of a raw water pipeline and the subsequent plumbing adjustments required by customers beyond the meter.

The recommendation was moved by Council at its ordinary meeting last week and relates to 27 properties within the village.

Koraleigh is currently supplied with water from the Murray River via a private irrigation scheme managed by Bungunyah Koraleigh Irrigation Trust. The water is directed to Council’s water treatment plant before being distributed into the village network.

Prior to the installation of the raw water pipeline, all water was treated and distributed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The new raw water network is connected from the current irrigation pipeline and runs into its own system to supply the town network. This water can be used for gardens and outdoor use, not only optimising water distribution but also curtailing treatment costs.

Community feedback during the project's inception highlighted concerns regarding plumbing modifications. Notably, the relocation of water meters posed logistical challenges for residents, with filtered water meters often situated in rear lanes and raw water meters now located in front yards.

However these adjustments were necessary to allow better access for fire trucks, as the old hydrants were on the filtered network in the back lanes and were hard to access.

The nominated credit will assist with the modifications properties were required to undergo to connect the meter to the front of the property.

Mayor Frank Crawley said this is a win-win for both council and residents.

"The successful completion of the raw water network marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to sustainable water management.”

“By reducing reliance on treated water for non-potable uses, such as gardening, the raw water pipeline promises substantial savings for both the council and consumers.”

“Council deemed a $500 credit per household instrumental in supporting customer connection, as the overall project will save on supply and maintenance costs relating to our filtered water network in the longer term.”

Council have already seen the benefits of the initiative, with reduced treatment cost and energy consumption. Furthermore, operational enhancements have streamlined council operations, with staff spared the task of water provision via trucks during sweltering summer months.

With the plant operating at approximately 40% of its previous capacity, the council anticipates continued efficiency gains and enhanced service reliability in the months ahead.



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