Wastewater system clean: Murray Downs/Barham/Moulamein

Published on 20 July 2022


The wastewater mains in Murray Downs, Barham and Moulamein will soon undergo a system clean designed to improve the performance and reliability of the wastewater network.

Over the coming months, Council contractors, Interflow, will be conducting sewer pipe cleaning via high-pressure water jetting and inspections via CCTV.

Residents do not need to be home when the works are carried out and will be provided with a maintenance card and fact sheet when their property is due to be completed.

In some instances, access will be required to a customer’s property where maintenance pits are located in their yard.

Council’s Director Infrastructure, Jack Bond said the cleaning and inspection program will keep more than 27.5km of local wastewater infrastructure in good shape.

“Wastewater systems benefit from regular cleaning to minimise the chance of blockages and subsequent overflows into the environment.”

“It’s also an opportunity for us to check the conditions of the pipes and associated infrastructure and to monitor how many unsuitable items are making their way into the system, like nappies and wet wipes.”

“Unfortunately, people flushing items like these is still the major cause of blockages and overflows should they occur.”

The scheduled maintenance program will use high pressure water to clear sewerage infrastructure of blockages and debris, before a CCTV camera is used to check the pipe conditions.

Some residents may experience an increase in noise, vehicle movements and odours while work is being carried out.

Council is also advising residents to take some simple steps in preparation for the jetting program.

“Due to the high-pressure water, there is a small chance that water might travel back up through the house connection; this can cause water to spurt.”

“Water spurts can be prevented by keeping all toilet lids down, plugging your sinks and bath and covering floor drains with mats,” Mr Bond said.

A household’s sewer and water services will not be affected when the work is carried out.

For further details, residents can head to the public notice section on council’s website or contact Council’s Water and Wastewater Team. 


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