Feedback is invited on DA 10.2022.4.1

On display until 02 September 2022, 04:30 PM

Development Application Number


Proposed Activity

Construction of access ramp and walkway


Victorian side of the Murray River – Between River Markers 1712 – 1714, Adjacent Watson Street, Echuca VIC 3564


Campaspe Shire Council

Consent Authority

Murray River Council


The application is classified as NOMINATED INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT as approval is required to be obtained from NSW Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries under the Fisheries Management Act 1994. Approval is also required to be obtained from Heritage NSW under the Heritage Act 1977.

The application is hereby advertised under Chapter 5 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Biodiversity and Conservation) 2021.

To provide your feedback please review the application and plans and make your submission in writing to the Chief Executive Officer before 4.30 pm Friday 2 September 2022. Please remember to:

  • quote DA 10.2022.4.1
  • include your best contact number, email and postal address, and
  • allow enough time to mail or email us before the closing date.

    The application and plans can be viewed below.

Please be advised that submissions are not confidential and that either the issues raised in the submission, or the entire submission may be accessed by any member of the public including the applicant. A person who makes a submission may also need to disclose reportable political donations and gifts made to a Councillor or employee of Council, as required by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

10.2022.4.1 - Pre-Lodgement Application PAN-155634(PDF, 28KB)

10.2022.4.1 - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Due-Diligence Report(PDF, 5MB)

10.2022.4.1 - Additional Owners Consent(PDF, 58KB)

10.2022.4.1 - AHIMS Search Result(PDF, 180KB)

10.2022.4.1 - Applicant advising no clearing of vegetation proposed(PDF, 45KB)

10.2022.4.1 - Biodiversity Assessment and Test of Significance(PDF, 2MB)

10.2022.4.1 - BOSET Report(PDF, 199KB)

10.2022.4.1 - Estimated Costs PAN-155634(PDF, 24KB)

10.2022.4.1 - Heritage Impact Statement PAN-155634(PDF, 8MB)

10.2022.4.1 - Land Owners Consent PAN-155634(PDF, 45KB)

10.2022.4.1 - Plans PAN-155634(PDF, 2MB)

10.2022.4.1 - Statement of Environmental Effects - PAN-155634(PDF, 165KB)

10.2022.4.1 - Submitted Amended Plans(PDF, 3MB)