Feedback is invited on DA 10.2023.338.1

On display until 27 April 2024, 04:30 PM

Development Application Number


Proposed Activity

Retrospective approval of a pontoon and single mooring on Murray River on Victorian Side at Private Mooring No. YJ018 East Moama


River Structures MOAMA


Nicholas Dean Burls

Consent Authority

Murray River Council


The Application is classified as INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT, as approval is required to be obtained from Department of Planning and Environment - Water under the Water Management Act 2000.

The Application is hereby advertised under Chapter 5 River Murray lands of State Environmental Planning Policy (Biodiversity and Conservation) 2021.

A copy of the Development Application can be viewed on the NSW Planning Portal until 27 April, 2024 by following the below instructions.

  1. Access the following website:, and then click on the following tabs:
  2. ‘Publications’ (may also be labelled ‘Exhibitions and Publications’).
  3. ‘Exhibitions’.
  4. ‘DA Exhibitions’.
  5. Under the ‘Filter by’ heading complete the following drop down box options:
  • Filter by: DA Status – ‘On Exhibition’
  • Filter by: Local government area – ‘Murray River Council’,
  • Click ‘Apply Filters’ at the bottom of the page.

Council invites you to make a written Submission until 27 April, 2024.

All submissions must be made via the NSW Planning Portal (by clicking the ‘Make a submission’ drop down box on the subject DA exhibition page and filling in the fields). It is noted submissions received via other means will not be considered by Council when determining the application.

Please be advised submissions are not confidential and either the issues raised in the submission, or the entire submission may be accessed by any member of the public including the Applicant. A person who makes a submission may also need to disclose reportable political donations and gifts made to a Councillor or employee of Council, as required by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.