The Wakool Landfill site is permanently closing from July 1, 2024

On display until 04 July 2024, 12:00 PM

Council recently completed a review of waste and resource recovery facilities; looking at operational and resourcing costs, community use, environmental impacts and other options available to users.

The outcome of this review supports Council’s ‘Sustainable MRC’ project, which encompasses a number of service and service level reviews and decisions by Council aimed at securing long-term financial sustainability.

One of the outcomes from this review was that Council will no longer be operating the Wakool Landfill site (Resolution 151023), with permanent closure coming into effect from July 1 2024.

Why is the site closing?

A review of usage over the 2022 and 2023 years demonstrates the site has very little with a high operational cost. On average, the site has serviced 1.89 visits per opening day, with an average of 5 items dropped off, and total income of $2,900 per annum. It costs $30,500 per annum to operate, excluding any capital costs or major maintenance.

Furthermore, to meet the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, the site would require full rehabilitation and upgrading to a Waste and Resource Recovery Facility at an approximate cost of $1.5million to develop a fully compliant site.

These costs, coupled with the sparse customer base and minimal income generated, mean any upgrades would offer little value-for-money to ratepayers. This therefore renders the facility operationally unsustainable.

What are the alternatives once the site is closed?

The majority of residents in Wakool and surrounds have kerbside collection services available and alternative Waste and Resource Recovery Facility options down the road at Barham.

The closure of the Wakool site will also correlate with an extension of opening hours at the Barham Waste and Resource Recovery Facility, along with future rehabilitation works at the site for improved servicing and resource recovery.

From July 1, Barham’s new opening hours will be Wednesdays and Sundays: 9am-5pm

Skip bin contractor services are also available from Moama, Cohuna and Deniliquin, providing an additional alternative option for residents.

More information

Whilst we appreciate this is a change to the operation of a long-standing facility, Council trusts the community will understand as we strive for more sustainable and efficient waste management options across the council area.

Should you require further details or would like to speak to a member of our Waste Team about your waste disposal options please contact 1300 087 004 during business hours.