Water mains cleaning program - March 2023

On display until 04 April 2023, 04:00 PM

To continue to improve and maintain the supply of water to your property, Murray River Council will be cleaning the water supply mains in Barham, Moulamein, Tooleybuc, Murray Downs and Mathoura over the coming weeks.

The cleaning may result in an interruption to the water supply at your property when the works are in progress.

You may also experience discoloured water following the cleaning process. This is normal and can be cleared up by running a tap until the discolouration disappears.

Residents will receive a notification letter at their household prior to the expected cleaning dates.

For information, the current works schedule is below

Barham filtered water mains cleaning

Thursday 16 March through to Thursday 23 March.

Works times: 9am-4pm.

Barham raw water mains cleaning

Friday 24 March through to Friday 31 March.

Works times: 8am-5pm.

Moulamein raw water mains cleaning

Thursday 23 March, Friday 24 March and Saturday 25 March.

Works times: 8am-5pm.

Tooleybuc raw water mains cleaning

Monday 27 March.

Works times: 8am-5pm.

Murray Downs filtered water mains cleaning

Tuesday 28 March and Wednesday 29 March.

Works times: 9am-4pm.

Murray Downs raw water mains cleaning

Thursday 30 March.

Works times: 8am-5pm.

Mathoura filtered water mains cleaning

Friday 31 March through to Tuesday 4 April.

Works times: 9am-4pm.

This work in Mathoura is an additional cleaning process to the flushing undertaken last month.