Unattended property

It is important to ensure public spaces are safe, accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone, without having to navigate obstacles created by unattended property.

The new Public Spaces Unattended Property laws (implemented by the NSW Government) create stronger incentives for people to take responsibility for their property in public - such as stock animals, vehicles, shopping trolleys, bikes and kayaks.

Owners and others responsible must attend to their things within reasonable, timeframes or face regulatory action.

You should be aware that there are now new rules for:

  • Shopping trolleys and share bikes and other sharing service items left in public
  • Small or medium sized personal items left in public (examples include baggage and personal recreation equipment such as kayaks, bicycles and surfboards.)
  • Vehicles left in public
  • Animals left in public or trespassing onto private land

Find out more about the Public Spaces Unattended Property laws

If you have any issues or questions relating to unattended property, please contact our Compliance Team: 1300 087 004.