Moulamein updates: Flood study review and flood mitigation projects

Published on 03 June 2024

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Murray River Council continues to progress with a new flood study review and flood mitigation projects in Moulamein.

The Flood Study review will ensure mapping and plans capture all relevant data to support flood preparedness and response activities, whilst also helping with future planning decisions.

Water Modelling Solution have been appointed to undertake all work relating to the flood study review after Council was awarded funding under the NSW Government’s Floodplain Management Program.

Council’s Director Infrastructure, Jack Bond said the current Moulamein Flood Study was developed in 2019, prior to the 2022 floods.

“The 2022 flood is noted as the highest flood on record for the Moulamein area, so we want to ensure that we have a study and subsequent mitigation options that capture and respond to this record flood data.” 

As part of the review, comprehensive flood modelling will be undertaken to identify priority road locations for culverts to ensure they do not restrict flows and allow safe access during events.

The project will also review potential locations for future levee extensions to facilitate land release for new dwellings, among other things.

Mr Bond said council will soon be inviting community members to join a reference committee.

“Community input is crucial for the success of this project,” he said.

“We’ve always received really valuable input and guidance from Moulamein residents, so I’d encourage locals to get involved in the community stage of this project.”

And whilst the Flood Study review kicks off, Council continues with previously planned flood mitigation works at the town’s Water Treatment Plant, along with additional levee works and stormwater backflow prevention.

Council secured $1.28million of State and Commonwealth funding via the Disaster Ready Fund to deliver the improvements, with Council contributing $127,272.

Initial survey works to inform the project were completed this month, with additional works and plans soon to follow.

Overall, the $1.4million project includes:

  • Protection of the Water Treatment Plant, including access improvements.
  • Early minor works planned for stormwater outlets.
  • Planning for pump management and improvements once outlets are shut.
  • Future levee works, which will now be put on hold until the flood study review provides more detailed information.

“The project aims to construct a ring levee around the Moulamein Water Treatment Plant, upgrade sections of the town levee, and provide infrastructure to prevent riverine and stormwater backflow,” Mr Bond said.

“These measures will enhance the flood resilience of Moulamein, reduce the risk of flooding, and alleviate the need for emergency response and post-flood recovery efforts.”

Council will continue to provide updates as the projects progress, with information on the Flood Study Reference Committee available soon.

And in further news for the town, the NSW SES are also installing a new Flood Cache in Moulamein next to the RFS site this week.

A Cache is a locked shipping container with SES supplies that can be made readily available in the instance of an emergency event. This ensures quick access to supplies before the SES can mobilise into town.



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