RFS assets remain off the books

Published on 29 May 2024

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Murray River Council will continue to keep NSW Rural Fire Service plant and equipment off their books.

Forming part of a report at this week’s council meeting, the resolution reaffirms the position previously taken by Council as the organisation does not own or manage the rural firefighting equipment.

It will however continue to account for Council land and building assets used by the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Murray River Council has continued to raise objection to funding the assets of a State Government-managed body.

Mayor Frank Crawley said the decision not to account for the assets is to prevent ratepayers ‘footing the bill’ for depreciation.

“To say that mobile and other fire-fighting assets can somehow be deemed to be council assets applies more financial pressure on us, even though councils do not have effective management or control of these assets.” 

“It is such a nonsensical position which essentially nullifies the NSW Government’s responsibilities at the cost of local communities.”

Cr Crawley said the council joins a large number of NSW councils who are resisting the pressure to record the assets. 

“We will not be carrying out RFS asset stocktakes on behalf of the NSW Government and will not record RFS assets in Murray River Council’s financial statements.”

“If they are recorded on our books, we will have to depreciate them and that will come straight off our bottom line.”

Whilst Murray River Council is refuting the accounting determination, Cr Crawley re-affirmed its complete support of local RFS brigades.

“We value and support the work done by the RFS, but they are a separate organisation.”

“Council’s action is entirely directed towards the NSW Government.”


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