Procurement thresholds: quotes and tenders

All suppliers can be engaged for goods and services up to $250k through a quotation process as noted in the table below.

Supplier engagement for goods and services over $250k will be undertaken by a public advertised tender which is open to all suppliers in accordance with NSW legislation. This occurs via the external TenderLink portal.

The following applies to tendering and quotations, depending on the value of the procurement:

Expenditure  Purchase types  Method 
 $0 - $1,000  Verbal, online quote- no written quote required   RFQ direct to supplier
 $1,001 - $5,000  One quote must be sought  RFQ direct to supplier
 $5,001 - $20,000  Two quotes must be sought  RFQ direct to suppliers
 $20,001 - $249,000  Three or more quotes must be sought  RFQ direct to suppliers
 $250,000+  Public tender  Public tender via TenderLink portal

Quotations, once accepted, will be followed by a purchase order.

Verbal requests for goods and services from staff members and any invoicing without a purchase order will cause delays in payment.

Our standard payment terms are 30 days after the dated invoice month (nett). Please quote the purchase order on the invoice to ensure prompt payment.