Sewerage services

Council owns and operates its own sewerage system.

A sewerage system is a system of pipes used to collect and carry waste water (sewerage) and trade waste away for treatment and disposal.

All sewerage is transported to one of Council's sewer treatment facilities:

  • Moama Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Mathoura Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Picnic Point Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Barham Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Moulamein Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Murray Downs Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Tooleybuc Pondage
  • Wakool Pondage

Wastewater collected from homes and businesses right across the council can contain:

  • nutrients
  • organic matter
  • bacteria
  • cleaning products like shampoo and detergents
  • trade waste from commercial and industrial customers.

If left untreated, this water would harm our environment and the animals that live in it. To protect the environment, we treat wastewater to a level set by the NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA). You can find out more on our monitoring page here.

One-site Sewage Management Systems 

We maintain a register of on-site Sewage Management Systems within our local government area and perform regulatory functions including monitoring, installing and licensing of septic systems. You can find out more about installing a system at your property here