Water supply

Council owns and operates its own water supply system, providing dual water systems (raw and filtered) to the urban areas of Barham, Koraleigh, Mathoura, Moama, Moulamein, Murray Downs, Tooleybuc and Wakool. The villages of Bunnaloo and Womboota only have access to raw water.

The water supply for Mathoura comes from the Gulpa Creek, while Barham, Tooleybuc, Murray Downs and Moama comes from the Murray River, Moulamein from the Edwards River and Koraleigh and Wakool from the irrigation system.

The water is treated at a water filtration plant and reticulated to the towns via 54,950 metres of raw water mains and 86,200 metres of filtered (potable) water mains.

Council's water supply system is constantly maintained, monitored and improved to meet the ever-increasing demands of our growing Council area!