Flood recovery assistance

We understand our community is facing a very challenging time following the recent flood event. Please see below some information and links to support (including financial support for individuals and businesses), which may be of assistance.

We recommend you register with Service NSW, by calling 13 77 88 and they can add you to a database to receive updated information, as funding programs become available.

Farmers are also encouraged to contact the NSW Rural Financial Counselling Service who can guide you through the application process for any available funding or support: 1800 319 458 or www.rfcsnsw.com.au

 Murray River Council - Business Impact Survey - 2022 Flood

Council is requesting all businesses affected in any way by the current flood event to please complete this survey. The information gathered in this survey will be instrumental in our work to advocate to Government for adequate financial support to help our business community recover from the significant effects of the flood.

And...just because your toes didn’t get wet, doesn’t mean we don't want to hear from you. Many have been impacted by road closures, staff shortages or freight delay, so please let us know.

We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, during this very challenging time.

Complete the survey here 
 Primary producers reporting damages

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Natural Disaster Damage Survey  that can be used to record damage to primary production and animals from natural disasters such as floods. This source of “ground truth” information helps the Government and communities understand the scale and regional distribution of the impact of a disaster on agriculture and target resources and assistance in an area.

To report damage, click here

Grants, payments and loans

Back Home Grants

Back Home grants of up to $20,000 are available to support owner/occupiers, landlords and renters to repair their homes and replace essential household items. Click here to check eligibility, get more information, and to apply.

Rental Support Payments

 Rental Support Payments for up to 16 weeks are available for flood affected households. Click here to check eligibility, get more information, and to apply.

Disaster Recovery Allowance

The Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) provides income support payments to employees, primary producers and sole traders who can demonstrate they have experienced a loss of income as a direct result of the floods in New South Wales.

DRA provides fortnightly payments for up to 13 weeks up to the applicable rate of JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance, depending on the person's circumstances.

DRA is available to Australian residents who are 16 years and older.

Click here for more information.  Please note we are included in the New South Wales Floods – September 2022 option.

Disaster Recovery Payment

The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) is a lump sum payment to help you if you’ve been significantly affected by the current and ongoing New South Wales floods from 14 September 2022 through to November 2022.

Click here for more information.

Disaster Relief Grant for individuals

Financial assistance to eligible individuals and families whose homes have been damaged by a natural disaster.

Assistance falls into two categories: 

  1. Essential Household Contents Grants to assist with the cost of re-establishing essential household items considered necessary to maintain a basic standard of living.
  2. Structural Grants as a contribution toward essential structural repairs to homes for households unable to meet the cost of repairs. The Structural Repair Grants are commonly delivered in the form of either grants to contribute toward essential structural repairs to homes or full rebuilds of property which has been rendered uninhabitable. 

Click here for more information or Phone 13 77 88

Disaster Recovery Small Business Grant

Small businesses and not-for-profit organisations affected by ongoing flooding in New South Wales can now apply for recovery grants of up to $50,000, as part of the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

This disaster recovery grant of up to $50,000 is to help pay for the costs of clean-up and reinstatement of a small business or not-for-profit organisation’s operations.

Click here for more information.

Disaster relief loans - Small business

Small businesses who have been directly affected by a declared natural disaster including floods, fires or storm damage, may be eligible for low interest loans of up to $130,000.

This low interest rate loan can help a small business:

  • return to its normal level of trading or until the next major income is received within 12 months from the date of disaster
  • replace and repair damage caused to your small business and associated improvements not covered by insurance.

Click here for further information.

Disaster Relief Loans for not-for-profits

Voluntary non-profit organisations affected by flooding or storm damage may apply for up to $25,000 in low interest loans.

Click here for information

Disaster Relief Loans for sporting and recreation clubs

A low-interest rate loan of up to $10,000 is available to meet the costs of restoring essential club facilities, equipment or other assets that were damaged or destroyed.

Click here for information

Rural Aid assistance

Rural Aid is here to help farmers throughout the year and this includes in times of national, state or local storms and disasters.

Rural Aid can provide support with confidential counselling, fodder, domestic water, financial assistance and also by providing access to volunteers through The Farm Army.  Register online at www.ruralaid.org.au or call 1300327624

Registered farmers also have access to the counselling intake line - 1300 175 594. This phone line is staffed by a Rural Aid counsellor between 9am and 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday.  Farmers can call to have a chat and the team will work to connect them with an appropriate team member to assist them. 

Rural Aid are also providing $500 visa cards for eligible flood impacted farmers. Click here for the eligibility criteria and further information.

Primary Producers

Primary producers affected by ongoing flooding in New South Wales can apply for recovery grants of up to $75,000 as part of the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

The grants are now available for eligible primary producers in the Local Government Areas that have been disaster declared from the most recent storm and flood event.

The assistance is available for the immediate clean-up and recovery costs to repair extensive damage to properties.

A full list of eligible LGAs can be viewed on the NSW Rural Assistance Authority’s (RAA’s) Declared Natural Disasters webpage.

Primary producers are encouraged not to self-assess and should consult with their local Rural Financial Counselling Service or apply for the scheme so that the RAA can determine eligibility.

For more information, or to lodge an application, visit Rural Assistance Authority or call the RAA on 1800 678 593. If you are a farmer or a member of the community requiring an emergency response regarding livestock or animals, call 1800 814 647.

Primary producers directly affected by a declared natural disaster who are in urgent and genuine need of assistance, may also be eligible for low interest loans of up to $130,000.

This low interest rate loan can help a farm business to:

  • continue to operate your farm businesses for the next twelve months or until the next income is received
  • replace and repair damage caused to the property and associated improvements not covered by insurance.

Click here for more information.

Transport Subsidy

A Natural Disaster Transport Subsidy is available of up to $15,000, for eligible farmers who are affected by a declared natural disaster event to pay for the cost of transporting:

  • fodder and/or water to an affected property
  • stock to sale or slaughter
  • stock to/from agistment.

Click here for more information.

Stamp Duty Relief for replacement of motor vehicles

May be provided on the replacement of motor vehicles written off due to loss caused by a declared disaster.  Private and commercial vehicle owners who are comprehensively insured and who and a vehicle written off due to damage caused by a declared disaster that occurred in NSW.

Click here for more information

Support services

Flood Recovery Resources

Click here  to find information that can help rural landholders and primary producers.

REWiRE: Regional Small Business Support Program

REWiRE is a fully subsidised service, funded by the Commonwealth Government and created to support rural and regional businesses. If you need a hand understanding your financial position or a plan to get your small business back on track give them a call on 1800 570 655 or visit www.rewireproject.com.au to learn more.

Making insurance claims

It’s important to gather as much information as possible about the claim to ensure you can get your claim paid quickly and smoothly.

Click here to see what steps to take and FAQ

Five phases of disaster recovery

Click here  for information on how to recover from disasters and make your business more resilient - from the moment disaster hits to the days, weeks and months ahead.

What to do if your business is in financial hardship

Financial hardship occurs when you’re unable to meet your existing financial obligations for a period of time. It may be caused by any number of factors, including major natural disasters and unforeseen weather events.

Click here to see what steps to take

Where can I find mental health support that understands small business?

The impact of disasters, such as storms and floods, can take its toll on small business owners. Click here to find out what mental health support is available.

Mental health support after a flood

Natural disasters, cleaning up and recovery can take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing. It’s vital that you – and the people around you – seek appropriate support if required.

It’s important to seek mental health and wellbeing support if you need it.

For support options, click here or call the Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511.

Disaster Preparation Checklists 

The cost and the time it takes for small and family businesses to get back to business after a natural disaster is reduced if you are prepared.  

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman has published a useful 9-point checklist to help small businesses with disaster preparation. 

Can't find something that suits your circumstances?

Head to RDA Murray for an additional list of support and resources.

Click here to find out more. 

Speak to our Economic Development Team

Council’s Economic Development Team is here to help

Please reach out if we can assist in any way, see contact details below.

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